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Casa Albali Gran Selección

D.O. Valdepeñas / Casa Albali

Casa Albali Gran Selección

Casa Albali Gran selección is made from the Tempranillo grapes. Its grapes are chosen from vineyards with a maximum production of 4,000 Kilograms per hectare. The grapes are harvested by hand so that each one of the clusters reaches our winery in excellent condition.

Still wine
Alcohol Graduation
Serving Temperature
Serve between 15-18ºC


Valdepeñas takes its name from the ancient city by the same name,  that lies on a sun-baked river valley dotted by small rocky formations (Val-de-peñas - Valley of Rocks). Located in the South of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. The area is almost entirely encircled by both La Mancha Denominación de Origen on the North border and Andalusia on its Southern limits. It  experiences extreme weather conditions, with temperatures reaching up to over 40 ºC in the summer and dropping to as low as -10 ºC in the winter. The future of this Denominación de Origen lays with its red wines made from Tempranillo; a grape variety that enjoys the ability to age well as crianza, reserva and gran reserva. .

Tasting Notes

Bright cherry red in colour, with complex aromas of wild berries and a very spicy touch. Its palate carries flavours of blueberries and currants, very silky and with a full body.

Food Pairing

Ideal with roast suckling pig, pork or beef, herb pâté, creamy or cured cheese, Serrano ham, paella, etc.

Technical Information

A more intense maceration that the usual one for young wines, but also a delicate process that intends to obtain the sweet tannins with character as well as the floral aromas of red fruits that characterise Tempranillo grapes. Fermentation then takes places between 22 and 25 ºC. Once the alcoholic fermentation is over and in order to increase the sensation of volume and sweet tannins, it is transferred to American oak barrels where malolactic fermentation takes place for 2 to 3 months. Malolactic fermentation also take place to soften tannins.