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Decanting Wine

Among the tools to serve and enjoy wine, one of the most curious is the wine decanter. Decanters are usually made of glass, with original shapes. They have already become a part of an elegant table, as well as glasses, spoons, knives, forks or plates.

Decanters serve to decant; this is to transfer wine from the bottle to the decanter in order to oxygenate and decant the wine (two different purposes).

Oxygenate a wine is to “wake aromas up”, to boost their qualities and hide unpleasant aromas that may have been created during wine aging. Romans already passed the wine from one to another clay tanks to avoid those “closed” aromas.

Decanting a wine consist of separating the wine sediments, that naturally originate during wine-making. For this reason, the process of transferring the wine from the bottle to the decanter must be done carefully and slowly. This is especially important for wines with a long barrel aging or those which have not been filtered or whose filtering is very soft.

After knowing this, when should we decant wine? Not all the wines need decanting; only those that we suspect that may contain sediments that maybe hard and unpleasant in the mouth, very concentrated wines made under traditional methods without undergoing filtration or clarification.

If you have doubt whether to decant or not, serve a glass, taste it and compare with the wine in the bottle.
Before decanting, please preserve the bottle of wine for a minimum of 24 hours in vertical position, so the potential sediments fall naturally to the bottom.

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