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Viña Albali Garnacha Rosé

This wine was inspired by the clear starry night skies in La Mancha. Félix Solís wanted to create a wine that would capture the pleasure-loving, life-affirming spirit of Spanish people. He named it Albali after the brightest star in Aquarius.


Viña Albali Sec

The Viña Albali brand continues to innovate and this season we have a new sparkling wine. Made by Charmat Method using premium quality grapes, Viña Albali Rosado Sec has been carefully crafted to complete this family of wines. The result is a refreshing and fruity wine.


Prospero Sec

Prospero takes its name from the protagonist of The Tempest; considered to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone. Prospero uses his skills as a sorcerer to ensure he gets back his rightful title, Duke of Milan.  Storms and other machinations facilitate events to meet these ends.

This is a delicious sparkling wine with apple, pear and raspberry flavours and soft refreshing bubbles, perfect for every day celebrations.


Comte de Chamberí Sec

“Chamberi” is one of the neighbourhoods in Madrid that has witnessed historical links between Spain and France. Such links do still remain when it comes to quality wine. Comte de Chamberí Rosé Sec is a wine made from Tempranillo grapes from specific vineyards in Valdepeñas landmark


Duet Rosé

A duet is a musical composition for two equally relevant performers: aroma and flavour. The two key features for this wine line.

Duet Rosé Sec is a wine made from Tempranillo grapes from specific vineyards in Valdepeñas landmark.


Soldepeñas Rosé

Soldepeñas Rosé takes its name from the place where it has been elaborated: the sunny Valley of the Rocks, the ancient name of Valdepeñas, by the river Jabalon’s banks. The wine is made from Tempranillo, the indigenous grape from Castilla-La Mancha.